Spring Chic in Petit Chat and Ashmoot!

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

(This post was originally written on Monday, but due to a bit of an infection after oral surgery, I was unable to get it posted until today!)

I woke up this morning and while there was still sleep in my eyes I noticed a post from Powder Pack announcing the winners of their recent contest on Facebook. I immediately went to share the post, happy for those who had won, when I thought I recognized a name, MINE!! To say I was one very happy girl is the understatement of a lifetime. For bloggers, all the new Bento changes mean we are having to fork out a lot of Lindens to keep ourselves current, and heads and skin appliers quickly eat through any budget you can put yourself on; so the introduction of the Powder Pack in general, has meant more of us can show you new goodies without having…

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