Say you won’t let go – Featuring Marquesse, Powder Pack, SlackGirl, Pink Fuel, Izzie’s

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

Lately I have been starting to walk/hike again and it seems that everyday I want to be outside more and more, making my journeys longer, which has me feeling better than I have in months.  Whether a short walk after dinner, or a few miles in the morning or a weekend adventure, I have been enjoying Spring as it starts to blanket the mountains of Arizona.  While the mountains are still crowned in snow, down below the trees are in bloom and wild flowers are starting to peek their heads above the soil, and it is a perfect time to be out and about.  The desire for fluffy green grass and flowers has translated to a complete transformation of my land, including a completely empty home, since it seems I have no desire to be inside on SL as well as in my RL, but it does happen to give…

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