M’era Luna Couture New Release….HAIR!

Available only on the Marketplace, get yours here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/169913

Our Inwold store is down until further notice (I have decided to move in RL, YAY!! I’ve been considering this for about 2 years and I have finally decided that it is worth doing so when the rainy spring days flood us with hail and gallons of rain I will be offline packing away! Woot!! Once I have finished moving and getting settled into the new digs I will have everything worked out and will know how I will be able to go in Second Life, however that wont be until the second or third month, you know how working your real life budget is… NIGHTMARE lol so anyways back to the point of hand….The M’era Luna Couture Mimic Real Life Hair Collection…Have a look at the 3 photos of hair & the current blonde HUD.

We will have a full range of hair colors available from Blonde, Brown, Black, Red, Fantasy colors and Wild colors!

M’era Luna Couture Mimic Real Life Hair Collection
This hair collection I have created to benefit some friends of mine that lost their belongings due to a house fire. The house was a total loss . They have two children, Layla who is 2 and Nicholas who is 10, Nicholas is handicapped and in a wheelchair. they lost all their clothing, toys, strollers and memories. I want to take all income from the purchases from this hair collection and present it to them to try to help them replace their children’s clothing and anything they can possible get with the money I give them from the sales of these hairs. Losing their home and belongings to a house fire is a tragedy, thankfully the family wasn’t at home at the time and no one was hurt. I’ve known this couple pretty much all my life, I went to school with, been friends with them for years. The fire happened just a couple of days ago and the insurance company wont settle up anytime soon as they are still checking out the fire site to make sure there was no ill will involved, which is understandable they always do that plus we have had several natural gas leaks all over town (like the Natural Gas Leak that cause the Explosion on Nov 16th) which if it turns out to be the result of that, that can be time consuming in the courts with the energy company and the contractors that were working on the Fiber Optic Lines.
So for this reason the M’era Luna Couture Mimic Real Life Hair Collection Was Born!
This is a good cause and reason to purchase really awesome hair with 12 amazing textures, we only offer blonde at the present time as we are making other hair color choices its just not a 5 minute process so we ask for patience, if you don’t see the hair color you wish to purchase simply notecard one of the management personnel of M’era Luna Couture and see if maybe we can get your hair color that you wish to own ready for you, if we have time we most certainly will do so as quickly as we can so that you can enjoy your new hair!
Contact Information
MeraLunaCouture Resident is the stores CSR
Please allow anywhere between 48 to 72 hours for a response, if there is no response within that time frame please send a notecard to VioletCrush Bravin Manager
And as a last resort send a notecard to
VioletCrush Resident Owner
Thank you so very much for your support of our products and Mimic RL!