Sevetlana Fashion Top

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Our Inwold store is down until further notice (I have decided to move in RL, YAY!! I’ve been considering this for about 2 years and I have finally decided that it is worth doing so when the rainy spring days flood us with hail and gallons of rain I will be offline packing away! Woot!! Once I have finished moving and getting settled into the new digs I will have everything worked out and will know how I will be able to go in Second Life, however that wont be until the second or third month, you know how working your real life budget is… NIGHTMARE lol

Sexy Monokinis for this summers hottest days and event hotter nights! Only $100L!

Sevetelana Fashion Top is an adorable criss cross top with a golden band around the neck sending an illisuion of wearing a golden necklace that isn’t too long or too short, It’s a lovely fuschia (pink) with a splash of color making it wearable with many other colors. Wear with shorts, skirts, capris and jeans. You choose the style you set the trend. This is shown on Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. You may have to adjust your original size to work with a mesh body and if so please remember to always make a copy of your shape before editing it so if you make a mistake you can always have the original or to start again.