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Hello Dreamers,

Doing more SL gardening and have some lovely new items to show you.

The garden swing is from Mistique (for Fantasy Faire 2017) and has a cuddle menu for couples.  It’s quite pretty and has a vintage feel.  The cute, barrel filled with water and lillies also has dragon flies buzzing around it.  This is one of several barrel and umbrella planters that Mooh! has as GACHAS for Twe12ve.

I’m wearing a new Lush, Spring dress with 8 texture hud, ZOZ Polish that is faded with a line of glitter to set off the tips, and a Salacity tattoo that includes 4 shades.

Just to keep it real, he turned back into a frog at the end lol.  Shopping Links HERE


Well here I am
I’m sitting alone again
I’m staring up at the sky
Which at this lonely moment is my only friend
And suddenly as I gazed upon the night
Well I notice the stars
They began to shake and dance and burst
And fall into the darkness
They exploded down
I knew what I had to do
I ran up to the top of the hill
And I took a hold for you
You were the sweetest star that fell
And yes, I held onto it close
To the numbness in my heart

And then I kissed a star
Yes I did
I wrapped it up inside of a golden bow
A star that I kissed
Oh the galaxy that lives inside your eyes


Have fun shopping!