Indulge yourself in a Medieval Banquet by Aphrodite @ The Fantasy Faire

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

In case you have been as busy as I have been as of late, then let me inform you that you only have 4 days left to check out the Relay for Life Fantasy Faire! Since there are 15 sims to check out and lots of goodies to ogle you should do yourself a favor and hurry over and start your adventure! The sims are amazingly decorated which means you are going to be slow in your shopping as you pan around and check out all the fantastic decor, make sure to have enough time. Aphrodite has released the absolutely amazing Medieval Banquet Set for the event with two extra pieces, Cheese Tower and Roasted Pig as well as a complete table with benches, chairs, animal fur rug, and lots of wonderful items to nibble on, making it a perfect addition to any Medieval castle or Viking Hall or…

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