I’m gonna show you crazy! – Featuring Tameless, Glam Affair, IT!

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

Thankfully SL decided to let me log on long enough to get you all the information for my post today, which means I got all excited and immediately switched windows excited to blog and suddenly found myself faced with another round of writer’s block. It is starting to get a bit frustrating, especially when I don’t get to blog that much anymore! So while I was waiting I happened to stumble into a discussion with my best friend about the word “crazy”, and how it can often spur people to act a bit nuts just to spite those who think they have gone off their rocker! With the very edgy feel of this new hair from Tameless, last months release from Glam Affair for PowderPack, and of course the new necklace from IT!, the discussion fit, and the perfect tune started to play through my head, which…

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