Designer Circle, Square1, Designer Showcase, WoW Skins, Dark Passion @ GENRE, and a Freebie!

Hiya!  I’m back, about a week ago I was diagnosed with the Flu.  I swear this past week, I still wasn’t he old me.  I have been so freaking tired.  I’m finally feeling a lot better and more energized.  We are only 6 Days into May, so I feeling really good about this Month and getting all of Blogging done.

Today I show you peeks from Designer Circle’s 153rd Round, Square1, Designer Showcase, and Genre.  The Designers I have are zOOm, [NyDesign], Image Essentials, [NYNE], WoW Skins, Dulce Secrets, and Dark Passion!  One more peek you get is a peek at my newly designed SIM.  If you read my Blog, and know me, you also know I own a SIM and half of Land where I rent Homes.  My pictures Today were taken all around the New Aurora Town!  Original Blog Post .:HERE:.




Whisps: TRUTH HAIR AveryElena
Body: Maitreya
Ears: L’Etre
Tattoo: austris – BLACK gacha – tattoo


Outfit: Sorbet. Briony


Septum: MONS / Dreamer Septum
Choker: austris – BLACK gacha – necklace #2
Necklace: austris – pearl gacha – special gift – chain
Headdress: [whatever] Headdress ((not longer for sale))
Crown: austris – pearl gacha – crown RARE #1
Flower: austris – unicorn gacha #3  – flower crown colour
Bindi: Evermore. Serena’s Plea // Moon Bindi
Rings: austris – BLACK gacha – ring #3, #4, #5
Arms: austris – BLACK gacha – moon bracelet #6


Heart of Hearts

Heavy heart think of yesterday
And you’re torn apart
Thinking of the ways it was easier to smile
More than today love grew wild
Heavy heart like a perfect stranger
You make it hard
Taking all the blame – still you hear the sound
Calling your name – troubles coming down
Too heavy

Turn it around
It’s pressing me down
Heavy heart
This time I find
It weighs on my mind
Heavy heart

It’s just like you to take it all so far
Then you feel abused and wonder who you are
Everything you’ve done – anything you start
Can turn and run
Ain’t it true – it’s only just a stage
Gotta give it room – start an empty page
Get back in the game – but do it your way
You don’t have to play so heavy

Heart of Hearts

Have fun shopping!