Quiet Eyes – Petit Chat, Tableau Vivant, Amara Beauty, Studio Exposure

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

I hope all the Mom’s out there had a wonderful day yesterday and that everyone had a great weekend. I had an absolutely fantastic weekend with my family and my best friend spent in the outdoors doing work on the garden and the yard in general. For the last year I have talked about wanting to put trees on our land, but it never seemed to be the right time. Saturday I was surprised when we took off to the local Home Depot and I got to pick out two trees! If you happen to be one of those people who live where a Weeping Cherry is common then I envy you, because I couldn’t ever have enough of them; and on the other side of the yard a HUGE Purple Plum now resides as well. I have always wanted to live some where I could have a garden and…

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