Chess like kings and queens above all – Virtual Diva

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

I am feeling a bit feisty today, and I am not quite sure why, other than the weather has once again turned towards Spring and I am looking quite forward to it’s rather late arrival. The garden has been planted for a bit now with the more resilient plants and next week all the baby plants in the kitchen window get to find their way into the soil, but not before the fence is finished so the rabbits can stop running off with my baby Rhubarb and Swiss Chard! And of course as the temperatures rise we have a tendency to shed layers and start revealing more skin, and if you are looking for an ensemble that goes from the runway to the beach then look no further than this amazing ensemble from Virtual Diva, currently at Swank!

The Delirium ensemble comes with the headpiece add-on and the…

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