My Wish

Hold me let me feel you
In my arms again
Softly you whisper my life
My best friend.

A moment is all i’ m searching for
Just a moment in love with you
A moment so special so beautiful
In a moment my wish come true

Save me from the future
Take me back in time
the words they have no meaning
Without you in my life

Let me walk the rainbow
In times of sweet surprise
To when i was a little girl
And i had you in my life
Time has no answer
For words left unsaid
For words have no meaning
There\’ s no read ahead

A moment is all i am searching for
Just a moment in love with you
A moment so special so beautiful
In a moment my wish comes true

My Wish

Have fun shopping!

On the Doorstep

Imagina . . .


Hoy traigo un look para EVE, Flash, se trata de un conjunto de vestido y chaqueta diferente, con escote, hombros y cuello realmente original y con un toque años 80. Tienen un HUD para los dos en el que escogemos el color de las distintas partes de la chaqueta, del vestido y de los cordones de los cierres. Están abiertos en la espalda por lo que el pack incluye las braguitas que podemos llevar a juego escogiendo su color y que estad seguras de que las vamos a necesitar.
Today’s post is about EVE. Flash is an outif that includes a different dress and jacket, with original neckline and shoulders that lightly reminds 80’s. It comes qith a HUD for both that allows us to chose the color of each part of the jacket, the dress and the strings that close them at the back. Pack also includes underwear, with…

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My water coloured dreams – Featuring CIRCA for Home & Garden Expo 2017 a RFL event

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

I hope everyone had a glorious weekend, and for those in the United States, I hope you had a lovely day off yesterday and gave proper respect for those who gave all, I know I did!  The garden fence is mostly complete, and the final planting has been done, and now I feel a bit like a new mom, hovering over them waiting for them to show me their latest trick!  The temperatures this week have gone into the 80’s, which feels a bit more like Summer than it does Spring, but every living thing seems to be celebrating and when I look around I am reminded of the landscapes of Monet, where the world looks painted in watercolor.  Today when I logged on SL to check out what happened while I was away, I was excited to see a new blog pack from Cherelle Capra of CIRCA for the

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Just That Kind of Day

Linda Reddevil's Blog

Ask anyone what their favorite fashion store is in SL and you’ll get all kinds of different answers. Go ahead and ask. Go on, I’ll wait!
I personally have several favorites and have had several favorites over the years. It’s actually quite depressing to go through my inventory only to realize how many of my favorite stores have closed up. Such is true in real life right?

I’d have to say that over the years I’ve consistently visited COCO Designs store and probably have most of Cocoro Lemon’s fashions in my inventory. It’s my “go to” store for up-to-date fashions and the new releases just keep coming. COCO Designs is definitely in my top 5 favorite SL fashion stores and that’s why I’m always wearing some item of COCO’s in my blogposts – today is no exception. If you’ve never visited the store, you should. If you already do, then…

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