I want you to meet me at my houseboat
Be sure and wear your little black rubber rain coat
Write you a letter on thin lined note paper
Hide it in the tree where the houseboat float

Pulled a pully bone and make a fat wish
Crawdad in the skillet, gonna catch a catfish
Write you a letter on thin line note paper
Hide it on the table in the catfish dish

Cause it’s sweet peony it’s my dream
It’s a sweet peony, is my dream


Have fun shopping!

Evil Bunny Productions, Jersey Shore, SWANK, Group Gift, Designer Showcase, WoW Skins, TWE12VE, and {ZOZ} @ The Chapter Four!!

I’m a busy little bee lately folks.  I have alot going on in RL, so let’s cut to the chase and get to Today’s Post.  The Theme for most Events is Summer, the Beach, Hot weather, etc.  Lilliana’s outfit reflects that and you wind up shopping at Evil Bunny Productions Jersey Shore and TWE12VE, SWANK, Designer Showcase and The Chapter Four! You will  see Designers like Sevyn, The Little Bat, Glitter Poses, Truth, WoW Skins, ATI, Banana Banshee, J&W, and {ZOZ}.  I have a New Group Gift too, it’s Truth’s June Gift.  Original Blog Post .:HERE:.