It’s going to be a long hot summer with sun, sex and the sea!

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

As the first week of July comes to an end, the garden is in full bloom, the sun is high in the sky and those of us in the Southwest are praying to the powers that be for our monsoon season to start. Our water bill is through the roof and I think the air conditioner is tired since it’s making an odd noise, and the dust is seriously out of control! I am ready for the skies to open up and soak the brown landscape giving life to it once again. As you can guess, with the desert showing it’s evil side lately, I have been venturing to the beaches of Second Life hoping to convince my brain that I’m not actually turning into a raisin this Summer, and as I relaxed in new goodies I picked up shopping, a photo came together and I am FINALLY able to…

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