Hey, oh, oh equilibrium
Oh no

I think I found myself in a strange place
Got me spinning like a satellite in outer space
Gravity keeps pulling me your way
I’m better in doubt
Cause before I was born like the player type
Going home to a different girl every night
I was stumbling tipsy fell into your life
I’m sobering now

For the first time I’m a listen
To what my heart is telling me, no more tripping
I’m back on my feet, no one matters to me
So I’m a keep it steady now, I’m a keep it steady now

I was upside down, couldn’t balance in
Fell off the train, but I’m back on the track again
I swear it gets me going without a doubt, but now I’m evened out.
Do you know what you are?

Baby you’re my equilibrium Baby you’re my equilibrium
Baby you’re my equilibrium
That’s what you are, that’s what you are

Have fun shopping!