Whimsical Lucrezia

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Whimsical Lucrezia
I feel so cute wearing these items! You need to check back with *elise* because there are so many awesome bento compatible rings. Also, if my posts haven’t convinced you yet, I recommend that you sign up for the TRUTH Hair VIP group. As you can tell, the hair is great.

Jewelry: *elise* – Lucrezia, available at Whimsical
Pose: Posesion from the Denis Editorial set
Hair: TRUTH – Elie (group gift)

As a side note, you’ll see this styling again on Saturday when I post my next youtube video!

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“And from the chaos of her soul there flowed beauty.” Louise Alexandra Erskine

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

My brain has been a whirling black cloud of chaos and confusion for a couple of weeks now, and I am finally beginning to see my way through.  In the midst of all the chaos I continue to pace myself and remember to breathe, while continuing to stop and see the beauty that surrounds us, even in the most hectic moments.  I have realized I do this a lot with my blogging, not just to try and relieve stress, but to help bring forth the art that resides inside me.  This post has taken me several days to complete due to doctor appointments and then needing time to process what is happening with my RL and a much needed breakfast with my parents.  Sitting them down and having to tell them I have developed a serious heart condition was not the highlight of my day and I honestly wish I…

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Harvest day, 17

Imagina . . .


En 7 Deadly s{K}ins, el regalo de grupo correspondiente al mes de Agosto consiste en todo un panel de regalos, detrás de los sillones en el departamento de mujer. Cada día un regalo nuevo que recolectar, una manzana que contiene artículos para hombre y para mujer. Cada día una manzana esta lista para la cosecha y muestra el mens “Come get your present!”, para obtenerlo pagamos 1L$ que automaticamente se nos devuelve al recibir el regalo.
7 Deadly s{K}ins’ August Group gift consists of a wall of gifts, located behind the couches in the womens department. There is a different gift each day to collect, an apple that contains both male and female items. Every day there is a single apple on the tree with hover text saying “Come get your present!” to tell us it is ready to collect. To get your gift simply right click and pay the…

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