OXIDE Noxx Set @ Thereafter

OXIDE Noxx Set @ Thereafter

Hey you, you look like a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

Available @ Thereafter.

++TP to Thereafter++
– More info @ Thereafter Site here

Remember to bring provisions.

Remember to trust no one.

  • Unrigged original mesh, made from salvaged metal parts around the area (ok no, but, you know).
  • Rezzed samples available at OXIDE booth. (They’re resized larger)
  • The collar may or may not dig into your skin. Was that intentional creator’s choice? Maybe. Maybe not. What’s the price you’re offering for that info?
  • Clean and dirty version included. It’s a safety measure…you know you’ll look 1000000x more suspicious if you wear the clean version, right? Like “hey, this spick and span person ain’t from around here. What gives?”
  • Materials enabled, if you like the grit with your Advanced Lighting. Disable it by turning it to ‘none’ in ‘bumpiness’ section of your object edit window.
  • As usual, texture change for all you see in the poster. Hook, chains, the ball, the strip, the studs, the spike – all texture change.
  • C/M/NT