Those wonderfully long Arabian Nights – Featuring Bee Designs @ Enchantment

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If you are all like me, the moment I hear the words “Arabian Nights”, Robin Williams is suddenly singing in my head and I am once again caught up in the magic of Aladdin.  It’s not uncommon for me to randomly break out in song lyrics when situations or words come up, so I was not surprised by the Aladdin moment but tried to quickly move on, because, well, there is nothing Disneylike about this gorgeous new bedroom set from Bee Designs!  In the end I found myself on a musical journey with Morfou and ended up indulging in the tunes for a bit, which I decided needed to be shared.

Those wonderfully long Arabian Nights - Featuring Bee Designs @ Enchantment

The current round of Enchantment opened on the 12th and will shut it’s doors and sweep up the sidewalks on the 31st, which means you don’t have much time left to head over to the event and check out…

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Nature’s Fury

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When I took these photos I was thinking how lovely the flowers are that I’m wearing and how well they’re being complimented by the beautiful surroundings on the sim I visited.  Definitely, nature at its best!
Shortly afterwards, everyone was keeping their eye on Hurricane Harvey and the destruction in the wake of its path.  Certainly, nature at its worst.

While it’s not over yet for those living in Texas, USA we all are hoping they survive nature’s fury. Sometimes, I’m glad that the worst of nature’s fury, where I live, is mainly just snowstorms. It’s a lot less destructive and no one ever seems to mind being stuck inside during a blizzard curled up with a blanket and a good movie right? My thoughts and prayers go out to those residents of Texas having to endure nature’s fury aka Hurricane Harvey.

D E T A I L S:

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The Harvest Days. 27th.

Imagina . . .

Sigue la cosecha de regalos de 7 Deadly s[K]ins. Hoy traigo el del día 27 de Agosto, siempre contando en tiempo SL. El regalo incluye appliers para Omega y para Lelutka, en 7 tonos diferentes y con los labios pintados, como en las fotos, o no. Además también se incluyen appliers omega para el cuerpo, con dos opciones de escote y la shape corresponidente con sus cejas.
Harvest goes on at 7 Deadly s[K]ins. Today’s 27th, always in SLT. The gift includes face appliers for Omega and Lelutka, both in 7 skin tones and with and without lipstick, also includes Omega body appliers two kinds of cleavage, and Meilin bento shape and eyebrows.
Los anillos es otra cosa que destacar, en la mano derecha llevo la margarita es el regalo de grupo para el mes de agosto de (red)Mint, en la otra mano los bow-rings, anillos para manos Bento, en…

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There’s so much life I’ve left to live
And this fire is burning still
When I watch you look at me
I think I could find the will
To stand for every dream
And forsake this solid ground
And give up this fear within
Of what would happen if they ever knew
I’m in love with you

‘Cause I’d surrender everything
To feel the chance to live again
I reach to you
I know you can feel it too
We’d make it through
A thousand dreams I still believe
I’d make you give them all to me
I’d hold you in my arms and never let go
I surrender


Have fun shopping!







Hair: #taketomiWEST – Taylor
Body: Maitreya
Ears: Mandala
Eyebrows: VYC Femme – Natural Brows Coll. ((Applique))
Eyes: –SU!- Umbra Eyes ((Applique))
Lipstick:  Just Magnetized – Anemone Lipstick ((Powder pack August))


Dress: #LANA-The Lorin Dress Dynamic Version + Limited Hud ((limited))  ((L8))
Socks: Sweet Thing. Sexetary Set & Stockings ((ROMP))


Earrings: [Enchante‘] – Milly Earrings ((Cosmo))
Piercing: CODE-5 [ Alegra ] V01
Rings: **RE** Luxy Rings
Necklace: [Avenge] Bow PomPom necklace ((limited)) ((L8))
Arms&Legs: Sweet Thing. Sexetary Set & Stockings ((ROMP))


Wall: .peaches. The Anarchists Wall Decor ((rewind))
Armchair set: [Tia] Masters Weekend Chair
Winebottel: ~BAZAR~Paris-Wine set


::WetCat:: “Bound” Blindfold Pose Set ((XXX event))