The start of a beautiful romance – Featuring IT! and Dafnis

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

Lately I have been absolutely appalled at the body shaming and self hate that I have seen all over my Facebook page and other social media sites and I have become to question almost everything.  How far we have really come as a human race when HATE seems to be the prevailing emotion?  Where did the love go?  When did people start teaching their children to hate instead of LOVE?  The media would make you believe that body shaming is something of the past and that the definition of “fit” has changed, but with so many men and women continuing to hate their own bodies you have to wonder how much has really changed?  This body you live in every day is the ONLY one you get, and whether you are carrying too much weight, have scars, stretch marks, your lips are too big, or your ears stick out, you…

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Esperando partida / Waiting to Play.

Imagina . . .

17-sept-01-03 s

La de hoy es una extraña mezcla, lo sé. Pero también sé que es lo que me apetecía llevar. Estrenaba mi nuevo conjunto de lencería de Blacklace e iba a sentarme a esperar, con el resto del look gritaba: “Nada más cruces la puerta, el juego va a empezar. Ya”.

Today’s outfit is a really strange mixture, I know. But I also know that I fancied wearing it. It was the first time for my new lingerie set from Blacklace and I was just going to sit and wait, the other parts of the look just shouted: “As soon as you cross the door, the game will start. Now”.

17-sept-01-02 s

17-sept-01-01 s

Créditos / Credits
~Blacklace~ Raina: Mesh Polka Dot Baby Doll Set 5 – TGIFT (Mesh babydoll, thong & texture change HUD)
Chop Zuey – Consecration Blk Long Necklace & Brooch
Chop Zuey – Shadow of Iris – Choker Necklace, Bracelet &…

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Hair: #Foxy – Grind.
Body: Maitreya
Face: :Moji: CINDY Face Glitter ((SD))
Tattoo: Redfish – Bushido tattoo ((TD))


Outfit: ALTAIR* shoujo seifuku ((Rare1))
Shoes: Phedora~ Cooper Crazy pink ((Arcade))


Rings: Kibitz – Love rings
Collar: {N} Gen Collar
Bindi: <<Nevrose>> Fwina ((SD))


[ Focus Poses ] Classroom Backdrop + [ Focus Poses ] School chair ((Cosmo))


Well nothing ever last forever, no
One minute you’re here and the next you’re gone
So I respect you, wanna take it slow
I need a mental receipt to know this moment I owe

Do you mind if I steal a kiss?
A little souvenir, can I steal it from you?
To memorize the way you shock me
The way you move it here (Hey)
Just wanna feel it from you (Hey)

Don’t be afraid to catch feels
Ride drop top and chase thrills (Hey)
I know you ain’t afraid to pop pills (Hey)
Baby, I know you ain’t scared to catch feels
Feels with me


Have fun shopping!