Hair: TRUTH / Apple
Body: Maitreya
Ears: Mandala


Body: Milk Tea: Shh! Applier – Black Dots ((Sanarae))
Pants: VARONIS – Irina Pants
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Ruby Heels ((Shoetopia))


Necklace: [Avenge] Hamsa necklace ((Chapter4))
Earring: [Avenge] Hamsa earring ((Chapter4))


Woodplanks: .peaches. Southern Nights
Couch: [ Focus Poses ] Always and Forever ((with poses)) ((Cosmo))
Pose: [ Focus Poses ] Couple 158 ((TMC))

Always there

When I’m less than I should be
And I just can’t face the day
When darkness falls around me
And I just can’t find my way
When my eyes don’t clearly see
And I stumble through it all
You I lean upon, you keep me strong
And you rise me when I fall

You are there when I most need you
You are there so constantly
You come shining through, you always do
You are always there for me

Have fun shopping!


Candle and Cauldron

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Candle and Cauldron

Candle and Cauldron (fenni crispien) Shadow Room Skybox [link (@
The Nightmare Event) & Crystal Rugs [link (@ Fallen Gods Anniversary)

Hello everyone,

Do you like to decorate your land with occult and spiritual creations? If you do, I have the perfect store that you need to check out, Candle and Cauldron. November Nighthearth (fenni crispien) is a traditional witch that shares her passion for the occult and metaphysical through her creations here in Second Life. Her store is full of magical jewelry, artwork, candles, ingredients and anything else you need for your house or to complete your next ritual.

In this post I wanted to show you some of the new creations you can find in the store and at some of the events. Next time your out make sure to stop by Candle and Cauldron and check out all their bewitching creations.

Candle and Cauldron


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