Bad Intentions

This is the face I wear treading the riptide
Abysmal oceans where good girls go to die
I wanna love somebody
Wanna feel their love on me
But after everything I still believe in true love
Not being able to find it
Damn it tears me up
And I know it’s my fault
I know it’s my fault
Let’s take a trip, ten thousand miles above the clouds
We can stay up here until we figure it out
I don’t wanna go home
Don’t wanna be alone, be alone

I’ve got some damn bad intentions
I’ve got some damn bad intentions
I got some secrets I forgot to mention
Haven’t learned my lesson, woah oh
I’ve got some damn bad intentions

Bad Intentions
Have fun shopping!






Hair: TRUTH / Ember & 18. TRUTH / Bangs / Wavy Cut
Body: Maitreya
Ears: Mandala
Bitemarks: the crone . heartache ((TDSF5))
Face: MERCIER – kitsune Make up ❤


Kimono: *{( konpeitou )}* yuruhaori -BLACK
Bikini: :[P]:- Endoas Bikini ((TLC))
Shoes: *{( konpeitou )}* Matsuri gacha -11- branded clogs ((Gacha))


Choker: {EGO}Nekomata_Beads_Red_Metal_Silver ((Secret Hideout))
Septum: MONS / MESH – Dreamer Septum Ring (style-2) silver ((Gacha))
Ears&Tail: + Nekomata + {egosumaii} ((Secret Hideout))
Hairpin: *N*SpiderLily HairStick B Red
Talisman&Aura: + Sacred Talismans Pack + {aii}


IC Poses– Single Pack 3 (d)