The Invitation

You and your smile
Hold a strange invitation
Somehow it seems
We’ve shared our dreams
But where?

Time after time
In a room full of strangers
Out of the blue
Suddenly you are there

Wherever I go
You’re the glow of temptation
Glancing my way
In the gray of the dawn

And always your eyes
Smile that strange invitation
When you are gone
Where oh, where have you gone?

The Invitation
Have fun shopping!


The perfect Autumn ensemble – Featuring Ashmoot, and Desmonia

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

If you have ever spent any time in the mountains of Arizona in the Fall, then you know how amazingly beautiful it can be, and how temperamental the weather is as well.  The skies are crystal blue, with gorgeous white, fluffy clouds and the temperatures rise into the 70’s during the day, while the evenings are dotted with campfires and bonfires, the smell of smoke in the air, sweaters and temps that dive into the 30’s.  As you can guess, getting dressed in the morning for the rest of the day can be a bit tricky, and I have come to understand the true meaning of layering, and I find myself wishing I could get away with some of the Autumn fashions I see donning the cover of the latest fashion magazines.  But thanks to Second Life, I get to do just that, and this new ensemble from Ashmoot looks…

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[OOTD] We Gotta Go 10.17.2017.

Miss Zombilicious

Nothing gets you going like blood..

New from Zombie Suicide, Glutz, and Epic!!

Hair – Yoko hair [^.^Ayashi^.^ ] group gift.

Wings – *Epic* Sweet.Pearl Bat.Wings! {Demon.Black} [*Epic*] New in store! Thank you!

Skelly Hands – :glutz: skelly hands [:glutz:] Hunt item in store! ❤

Outfit – :glutz: miss sacrilegious [:glutz:] New at the Seasonal Fair! Thank you!

Shoes – + Shii Geta & Stockings + {aii} [{aii}]

Pose – Bento pose set #1 [Zombie Suicide] New at Bodyfy! Thank you!

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Hair: Love [Cry Baby] ((Secret Hideout))
Body: Maitreya
Ears: Mandala


Top: *{( konpeitou)}* Matsuri gacha -RARE- kimono Top ((MATSUR))
Sleeves: ALTAIR* miko sleeves .red.
Panties: *{( konpeitou)}* Matsuri gacha -RARE- kimono Panty ((MATSUR))
Socks: *{( konpeitou)}* Matsuri gacha — Tabi – origami ((MATSUR))
Shoes: *{( konpeitou)}* Matsuri gacha -8~15- branded clogs ((MATSUR))


Ears&Tail: Sweet Thing. Neko Ears (Bento) 1.0 & Fuwa Tail (Bento) 2.0
Choker: PRIZE *{( konpeitou)}* collar bell ((MATSUR))
Belly: *{( konpeitou)}* Matsuri gacha -5- Belly chain ((MATSUR))
Bells: *{( konpeitou)}* Matsuri gacha — Bell ((MATSUR))

I didn’t do it

Lost in my Imagination

pose: Kirin– Kumi pose 5 @ Kustom9

Hair:Mello. Delinquent Beanie Hair RARE @ PocketGacha October’17

Bloody Nose: Mello. Delinquent Bloody Nose 02 @ PocketGacha October’17

Mesh Head:.LeLutka.Head.Bianca 3.0

choker: #Foxy– Thin Velvet Choker ‘Catchin Feels’ @ Kustom9

Nose ring: [ kunst ] – Zed septum ring (b) @ Kustom9

shirt: SPIRIT – Anita top [Maitreya Lara] @ Kustom9

Shorts: SPIRIT – Anita shorts [Maitreya Lara] @ Kustom9

socks/slippers: Mello. Delinquent Slipper Socks M/Beta RARE @ PocketGacha October’17

Bat: Mello. Lamebrain Killer Bat 01 @ PocketGacha October’17

Background: BUENO-Night Life- Street Grunge @ Kustom9

.::THOR::.. 8- The Broken Bicycle- ground version

::THOR::.. 12- The Broken Fender (floor)

[sau]Kuazi[lite][TMD][Yellow] @ TMD

Astralia – Night Lust money (ground)

MULLOY– Money Sign

MULLOY – Pile of Mulloy Money

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