Snow White

Once upon an ancient time
Beauty was born in a someone
She was the Snow-White of mine
And if you’re not a copy, my darling, become oneSnow-White skin, ebony hair
And lips as red as blood

Bite my apple, choke my kiss
Gasp for breath in my embrace
Vanity is a bliss of amazing grace
Snow-White, untouchable
Innocent whore, you’re the best of them all

You are the best, yes I adore
My bloodred, snow-white, ebony whore
Your innocence moves me to tears
I want to protect you and hurt you my dear

Snow White
Hi lovelies!

Enchantment will open on the November 11st and goes until November 30th, mark your calendars cause Snow White and her Dwarfs will invade SL! ❤

Have fun shopping!


Wish someone would have told me there would be days like this – Featuring Aphrodite @ Tres Chic

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

Though my son did all of his “Senior” stuff last year, other than graduate, for some reason I am suddenly slammed with all kinds of emotions as the reality of him graduating and leaving home hits me.  As we were driving to school the other day a new song by Macklemore and Kesha came on the radio and I found myself staring at my son as he drove wondering if he knew that now and for the next couple of years, were the best of his days.  The last days of true freedom, of being on your own and finding yourself with all the ups and downs that come with it, become those days you look back on the most as the silver starts to run through your hair, and the lines begin to make themselves more evident when you stare in the mirror.  Needless to say I have been…

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