Remember, YOU are the fairest of them all! – Featuring Bee Designs @ Enchantment

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

For years now I have been thankful that I didn’t have a girl to try and raise in this world with all the fat shaming and body hating that seems to enter into every facet of our lives.  I have been thin, I have been heavy, I have been fit and I have been somewhere in the middle, and it didn’t matter the size, the problems with my body were always there; and the more I hated the body I was in, the more it revolted against me and the more I hated it.  One day I made a choice to change everything about my life, including what I said in the mirror, because I learned I had to love myself first and foremost.  You have to look in the mirror and tell it who is the fairest of them all, YOU!

Fairest of them all

Snow White is the theme for the newest…

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