Sugar Rush

I got a sweet tooth and a taste for you
It might me too obvious but
I can’t help my self from what I do

Cuz you make me go out of my way
Crossing the line
Making me say what I have in mind

You make me so excited
And I don’t wanna fight it
I start to blush
You are my Sugar Rush
Ain’t nothing better baby
Is it for real or maybe?
I start to blush
You are my Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush

Hello lovelies! The most sweet event in SL just opened! 🙂 Candy Fair is here and until the 1st December you can find some amazingly sweet creations for all tastes, plus most creations have a lil free something for you on their booths!

I suggest a visit, the sim looks so yummy and delicious! Come see for your self ❤

Have fun shopping!