Lover’s Walk

I won’t walk with my head bowed
(Be on) Beyond caution where lovers walk
My love walks where three’s a crowd
Beyond caution where lovers walk
Lovers walk, lovers scramble
Beyond caution where the lovers walk
Lovers step, shuffle and gamble
Beyond caution where lovers walk

Lovers trip, lovers stumble
Lovers dip, lovers fumble
Lovers lip where love has crumbled
Beyond caution where lovers walk

Lover's Walk
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Hair: TRUTH / Makena ((Vip Gift))
Body: Maitreya
Ears: Mandala
Skin: (pc) body Skin [Skin#01*] ((Kurenai))


Kimono: + RARE Fumetsu no Kimono + {egosumaii} ((TFGC))


Cherry: [La Baguette] Double Cherry ((Cookish))
Hat: + Crimson Lantern Sakkat + {egosumaii} ((TFGC))
Necklace: {EGO}Nekomata_Beads_Red_Metal_Silver
Hand: [Soul Mates] Kozuchi – Tomi [RARE] ((Kurenai))
Glitter: + Maitreya Body Stardust + {aii}  ((TFGC))


Backdrop: [ isuka ] izakaya backdrop
Pose: Stonerella :: Kimono ((Kurenai))

Fashion is worth doing well – Featuring Virtual Diva, Modish, No.Match and Nord Embel’Lys

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope those of you in the States have had a wonderfully long Holiday weekend, full of food and family, and for the rest of you around the world, I hope you are greeting this Monday with enthusiasm!  Sometimes, that’s all it takes when faced with negative things, a fake it until you make it attitude.  I am living in that state at the moment as a sudden and intense flare-up of things has thrown a wrench in my plans lately, but one thing I noticed that is never effected by my mood or my health, is my sense of style and fashion.  We had a relaxing and casual Thanksgiving with my family and people gave me a hard time for “dressing up” for the occasion, and I realized that it doesn’t matter what the event is, I am always accused of that.  I guess because I…

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