Happy New Year!

Harmony Sandalphon

Hey beauts! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and celebrated New Year in style. I’m currently nursing a chronic hangover lol but it was definitely a good night.

Happy New Year!

I thought I’d recap on my post from last year where I made some goals to see if I achieved any and talk about my last 12 months in Second Life.

Goal 1: Buy a new house – I did this! I’m now bored of said house and it didn’t improve my lag situation much but hey lol.

Goal 2: Give more – I think I did achieve this but maybe not how I first intended. I have definitely been generous in giving to charitable causes and such but in joining the community that I found (more about this later) I gave so much of my time and dedication for all sorts of projects and loved every second.

Goal 3: Spend…

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Theory of the Conscience

Lost in my Imagination

Background: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Violet Neon Catwalk @ PocketGacha December’17


Mask:Aesthetica Alibi Mask White

Wings:[ContraptioN] Wrought Seraph Wings

outfit:.Shi : Bionic Artistry / @ Shiny Shabby


**CC** – Cosmic Consciousness Aura (Astral)

**CC** – Cosmic Consciousness Aura (Celestial)

**CC** – Cosmic Consciousness Aura (Innocence)

**CC** – Cosmic Consciousness Aura (Mercurial)

**CC**– Cosmic Consciousness Aura (Serenity)

**CC** – Ice Queen Halo

**CC** – Ice Queen Wisps

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[I_3F] Leggings [06] - Picture.png

BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Gacha Key.png



Hair: #taketomiWEST – Taylor
Body: Maitreya
Ears: L’etre


Top: GAIA – May top ((Tres chic))
Shorts: [ abrasive ] Amorous Panties
Leggings: [I<3F] Leggings [06]


Choker: Dirty Secrets ~ Babygirl Heart Collar
Rings: Kibitz – Summer love & Rea
Piercing: –SU!- Medusa Piercing


Treedeco: 13 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Iso Ornament & 14 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Star Ornament & 12 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Octa Ornament & 10 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Tetra Ornament & 11 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Cube Ornament
stuffed animal: ~MR~Lisya RARE ((Shiny Shabby))