The Plastik at Blush & Sanarae

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The Plastik at Blush & Sanarae

Hello Everyone,

Today I wanted to show you a couple of the marvelous new releases The Plastik has for Blush and Sanarae.

The outfit I am wearing is called Amalie and you can find this sexy lingerie only at Blush, it comes with Maitreya and Hourglass versions of the bands, panties & top, along with a texture change hud. It comes in several different packs and each one contains several different textures for the lingerie and metals. You can see a preview of the packs at the end of this post.

Over at Sanarae, you can find the Meela a 100% custom mesh necklace that comes with a customizable hud to change the textures and change the pendants to any letter you want. It is a lovely necklace that you can use with many types of outfits. 🙂

I hope you find something you can use. ❤


Mesh Head: Catwa

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Your heart’s desire

Though you don’t believe your eyes
As your mind’s taken by surprise
But there’s a reason to the rhyming of
Your heart’s desire

Though it seems too good to last
Don’t write it off too fast
For there’s a method to the madness of
Your heart’s desire

How can you be so sure
In your heart that this isn’t it?
In your plans it just won’t fit
So you keep on second guessing it
Your heart’s desire

Your heart's desire
Have fun shopping!