An Ah-Ha Moment

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You’re probably going to hate me mentioning this for the next few months but I’m going to be having quite a few “ah-ha” moments now that I’m taking the Visionaire Institute’s Photography course.  Today’s “ah-ha” moment is me learning how to take photos using DoF in Second Life!!!  I never could do it until I watched this video by William Weaver who is the master of all things photography in SL.  It’s a super long video but so worth watching!

I could never understand why, whenever I’d use DoF, my saved photos never looked like what I saw on my screen. Now I know! I’d always used the blur in PS instead, but there is a huge difference between both techniques. My pics today utilize the DoF directly in SL and I’m on cloud nine now that I can actually do it. Thanks for being my test audience for the…

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