Marsha Mello

Hair – Rama Salon – Marcia Hair – Epiphany

Head – LAQ – Scarlet

Skin – 7 Deadly Skins – Emmy – Cotton Candy – Designer’s Showcase

Body – Maitreya

Eyes – LAQ


Outfit – EC – Luasimay – Suicide Dollz

Pose – Bittersweet & Strange – Event Exclusive – Underdog Event

Location – Backdrop City


Chasing the feels
Summer’s on the way, sun is shining out
Don’t hide away, find the right wine
Take a sip, drink down
Take a longer walk out by the ocean

Drift on, drift on
Deep down, deep down
Deep down you know you’ll find a way
You’ll find a way
By the way, I kinda like it

It’s shining right, it’s shining right
We’ll never know, we’ll never know
What did we find, out by the ocean
Feels right to me
Drift on, drift on


Hi lovelies!
Flair for Events is about to open a very special event: Mermaid Cove!
From 23th July to 13th August, visit this underwater amazing shopping event for all your mer needs!
The sim itself is gorgeous, so make you explore it all!
Here is the map , Flickr  and official page
Have fun shopping!


I Want It Yesterday


We all have them.
For myself, I insist on having something delicious to eat
while watching my Kdramas.
The experience isn’t nearly as sexy if I don’t.
In Second Life, my demands aren’t nearly as simple.
I must dress according to my way of style and look fierce while doing it.

Well, look who’s here, Everyone.
It’s Wicca Merlin!
What do you have to share with us today?
The Mia Body?
Let’s take a closer look….


The Mia Body is a sexier than whip cream bodysuit currently
at the Red Light District Event.
Compatible with Freya, Hourglass and Maitreya Bodies only,
Mia comes with a Multi-color and Metal HUD to mix and match her body,
straps and metal your way.
You demand attention, versatility and an original?
Mia delivers!
Gawd, I love Wicca’s Wardrobe.
She makes me feel all fuzzy inside.
Give me a kiss.
That was a demand ……

Bodysuit: Mia Body – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Hair/Harness: Control – Spellbound
Collar: Asema – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Garter/Gun: Viper – KC Couture
Prop: Green Balloon: Exposeur
Poses: Disseminated Anime Style # 27 & 29 – Bauhaus Movement
Neon Sign: Hold me, Kiss me, Love me – Avenge

My life is going on

If I stay with you, if I’m choosing wrong
I don’t care at all
If I’m losing now, but I’m winning late
That’s all I want

Whatever happens in the future, trust in destiny
Don’t try to make anything else even when you feel

I don’t care at all
I am lost
I don’t care at all
Lost my time, my life is going on

My life is going on

Have fun shopping!