Alone at Night

When I’m alone at night all I do is think about you
Especially when I’m blue I just can’t do without
I love the way you shiver my timbers
I need you here to keep myself limber

When I’m alone
I contemplate every way I’d like to rendez-vous you
I only hope s’il-vous plait you can respondez-vous
Your amplifier’s already preset
Let’s see of we can rattle the tea set

When I’m alone at night

Alone at Night

Have fun shopping!


Cozy Corner

The Anti Girly Girl Blog

Cozy Corner

Hello Everyone,

Its been a crazy busy month for me but I am hoping now that July is almost over things will calm down. This year my Fibro pain hasn’t been so I have been taking advantage of that and getting out in the real world a bit more before I get slammed which has been a nice change. July was also my club’s 4 year anniversary so last weekend we had a DJ battle and concert for both the anniversary and Relay for Life. It was a great weekend and thanks to the battle, concert and staff auction we raised over 80,000L thanks to the generosity and support from so many. Thank you everyone, who stopped by to support SOR and RFL.

Now its time for me to get back to blogging so today I have lots of goodies from Candle and Cauldron to show you from my new…

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Linda Reddevil's Blog

There’s been some chatter lately among my friends and colleagues about the age-old topic of “SL Modeling” and what happened to it and why it happened and how we can bring it back to it’s glory days.

A few of us are in agreement that while SL Modeling isn’t quite dead and buried yet, it is at a point that it will never recover and reach the peak it had such a short time ago. There are so many different reasons and arguments about this but that is not my point of my post today. My one regret, dismay and disappointment that has culminated in the realization that SL Modeling will never, ever be the same again, is the camaraderie I had with my fellow models.

We had fun going to shows and supporting our model friends. We had fun being in shows, too. We formed friendships and respect for…

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