The heat is on

Tropical summer, balmy day
Sit around you haven’t much to say
‘Cos the heat is on,
The heat is on.

You know you’re in the hands of fate
Now you’ve gone and found me you appreciate
That the heat is on,
The heat is on.

You’re on the road to Mandalay
Never gonna make it try another day
‘Cos the heat is on,
The heat is on.

Temperature is rising to fever pitch
Sun is getting closer we all get rich
‘Cos the heat is on,
The heat is on.

The heat is on

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breeze off the pond

Like breeze off the pond
Or trees on the lawn
Wind is always there, they’re saying it’s just air
Let it blow through you
Don’t let it move you

Grass is greenest when you’re here with me, okay, mmm
If what they got is all good then why would they trade
No we are in the zone and we ain’t gonna let it go, no way
(No we ain’t gonna let it go, gonna let it go)
What we got is solid as oak so you know it’ll never blow away

Breeze off the pond

Have fun shopping!



Marsha Mello

Hair – Truth – Yuko – VIP Gift

Head – LAQ – Rain – Collabor88

Skin – 7 Deadly Skins – Texas – Cotton Candy – eBento

Body – Maitreya

Eyes – LAQ


Outfit – AdN – White Princess

Pose – K&S – Freetime – GG

Location – Backdrop City

Rubik Rights


I guess that’s the only way to describe my position when it comes
to solving what won the 1980 German Game of the Year
for Best Puzzle….Rubik’s Cube.
I gave up years ago twisting and turning
each of those six faces covered by nine stickers
(current models have colored plastic panels for longevity).
However, the Cube lives on with it widely being considered
the world’s best-selling toy.

In the past, primary colored cubes brought back memories of
frustrating hours tearing out (my hair) and tearing in (my eyes).
That was until Cygnus Designs came along and gave me the
right to get my cube on.


In keeping with this month’s DAZZLE Event theme celebrating
Piet Mondrian, Cygnus has created the Mondrian Cube Outfit.
100% Original Fitmesh, this multicolored cubed skirt is
compatible with Slink Hourglass/Physique and Belleza Mesh Bodies,
as well as Standard Sizes for classic avatars.
The matching Bra and panties can be worn via Omega Applier
and System clothing.

Victory is mine!
Thanks to Cygnus, I am now wearing the cube instead of the
cube wearing me down…..

Outfit: Mondrian Cube – Cygnus Designs

Hair: Calisto – Zibska
Collar: Eithne – Zibska
Gloves: Aubrey – Zibska
Eyeshadow/Lips: Araceli – Zibska
Backdrop: Neon Grid #1 – RAMA
Pose: #097 Single Ground – addme