Hey, Rachel, just wanted to say “Hi”
And I hope everything’s going well for you
And you have, just having a good time in New York
So, sorry I missed you
If—if you get a chance, sweetie, call me

You were early every weekday to take me home
Your car was always the closest to Washington Road
Like a blanket I was wrapped in your arms so warm
They say Boston’s the coldest, but I wouldn’t know

There was no falling down without you ’round to pick me up
And no tears that fell without you help to change my luck
And you taught me so much, I could not learn fast enough
About how to love someone wholeheartedly


Hi Lovelies!!

Today an amazing new outfit from [Justice] and a luscious long hair from Fabia, combined with a very pretyy tattoo from CAROL G!
Hope you like them!

Have fun shopping!