Fall is cozy

Pretty blue eyes can I get your name
Yeah I’m sorry for staring
But I just could look at your for days and days
And now I gotta know why you’re here alone
Cause I know how to fix that
Imma be bold, can I get you close to me

Hey hey, it’s the same same
The snow won’t go away and it sucks outside
Baby it’s okay, I know a great place where we can go and hide
Oh step inside get to know me
Cause nobody needs to be lonely
And turn the lights low, fireplace on
Let it go on and on and on
So step inside, get to know me
And we could get cozy
Yeah we could get, we could get
And we could get cozy

Fall is cozy
Hello lovelies!

This scene started around this gorgeous fall couch from Krescendo and built with ChiMia amazing new release, perfect for a cozy efffect!

Hope you love it so much as i do!

Have fun shopping!