In the Dark

Blank stares, faithless
Vampires at the same places
Shadows, traces
I know that you feel me

I can see you’re scared of your emotions
I can see you’re hoping, you’re not hopeless
So why can’t you show me?
Why can’t you show me?
I can see you’re looking for distractions
I can see you’re tired of the acting
So why can’t you show me?

Who are you in the dark? (I, I)
Show me the scary parts (I, I)
Who are you when it’s 3AM and you’re all alone
Who are you in the dark?
In the dark

Hello lovelies!

As Halloween gets closer the more amazing creations we see in our virtual world.

BeeDesigns made this amazing gacha that is my perfect ride tonight:)

Have fun shopping!


Halloween Hideout

The Anti Girly Girl Blog

Halloween Hideout

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near Halloween.”
~ Unknown

Halloween Hideout

Trick or Treat Lane  

Squishy Fluff (Skyler Glasswing) Tentacle dining chair – Onyx

QE Home (emmins13 sygall) Hanging Tapestry -Happy Halloween, Throw Pillows -Happy Halloween, Circular Rug -Happy Halloween and

CIRCA (Cherelle Capra) “Midnight Coven” MoonPhase Wall Shelf – Dark Grey and Coffin Shelf – Dark Grey (sold seperately)

Candle and Cauldron (fenni crispien) Luminaries – Pentacle

Zombie Suicide (Isis Zamin) Pendulum Holder

Raindale (Keiralans) Shadewoods set (comes with table & crystal ball)

Oubliette (insilvermoonlight)  Familars Framed Prints and  Momento Mori (sold seperately)

Spyralle (Kerryth Tarantal) Halloween Star Lanterns (comes as a 3 pack set)

@ Builders Box 

KraftWork (nodnol jameson) Black Spell Purple Candle and Rolling Papers


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