Never out of style

You come and pick me up, no headlights
Long drive,
Could end in burning flames or paradise
Fade into view, oh, it’s been a while since I have even heard from you (heard from you)

I should just tell you to leave ’cause I
Know exactly where it leads but I
Watch us go ’round and ’round each time

You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye
And I got that red lip classic thing that you like
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time
‘Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style

Never out of style
Hello Lovelies!

JUSTICE just created inmotion clothes! And what that means, you ask? It means that when you move, clothes will wrinkle along with your avatar movemnets creating a natural and realistic motion.

Try a demo cause there’s a whole new colletion coming out with this amazing evolution!

Plus check the amazing retro wardrobe made by Plastik for Collabor88, with such vibrant colors and retro vibes, i just love it!

Note: The speed of the wrinkle movement is based on your avatar activity. The wrinkles will only change when you are walking, or running. The wrinkles will not change if you are sitting on any object. (even a treadmill) 

Have fun shopping!