Close to Christmas

Mistletoe fell on my nose, a tear rolled down my cheek
And I’ve been on a two month tour for almost forty weeks
Well it ain’t the shows that get to me, or even bein’ alone
But it’s so close to Christmas and I’m so far from home

There’s Santa Claus on ev’ry block, there’s Winter in the skies
There’s pretty girls with packages and toys in children’s eyes
There’s spirit and there’s atmosphere from New Orleans to Rome
And it’s so close to Christmas and I’m so far from home

Lord, this roadside music show that just goes on and on
When it’s so close to Christmas and I’m so far from home

Close to Christmas

Have fun shopping!


NOUVEAUXMAS 2018 : DEC 22ND, 2018 – JAN 1ST, 2019

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