Recogiendo la Navidad / Packing Away Christmas

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Créditos /credits

  • Blueberry – Aria – Stylized Jeans – Bluemood
  • Blueberry – Aria – Button Up Top – Nude
  • Chop Zuey – Swirlin Joy Womens Necklace – TxChnge (Gift)
  • 7 Deadly s[K]ins – LINNEA omega FACE&BODY caramel —> Sense Event 15th December – January 8th
  • [Akaesha] Ornament Pose BENTO (Akaesha’s Advent Hunt)
  • [Akaesha] Candy Cane [suck] BENTO (Akaesha’s Advent Hunt)

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Icy Blue

I see you icy blue
Cold and indifferent
No emotion no commitment
I see she and she sees a red red sea
Bleeding for life now she’s bleeding to death
Feeling the power and the pain
So much loss she tries harder to gain

And you loved her truly yet you loved her cruelly
You loved her truly but you loved her cruelly
You love her

Icy Blue

Have fun shopping!