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Here is another makeup look from the current Powder Pack by The Face.  I really like the color set that the designer gave us this month.  I love highlighting on makeup and this is top notch.  I used the eyes, lipstick, eyeshadow and highlighter for my look.  My skin is from Studio Exposure and is an older release called Michele.  This is my normal skin and the one I often use.

Makeup | The Face – Beautie (Powder Pack Jan. 2019)

Skin | Studio Exposure – Michele

Hair | Firelight Hair – Jamie

Hair Flowers | LF – Romantic Flower Headband Purple (2014)

Necklace | Elysium – Neck Piece Female Black (2013)

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Love hurts

Love hurts, love scars, love wounds
And mars, any heart
Not tough or strong enough
To take a lot of pain, take a lot of pain
Love is like a cloud
Holds a lot of rain
Love hurts…… ooh, ooh love hurts

I’m young, I know, but even so
I know a thing or two
And I learned from you
I really learned a lot, really learned a lot
Love is like a flame
It burns you when it’s hot
Love hurts…… ooh, ooh love hurts

Love Hurts

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Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake

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Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake

Hello everyone,

I know its been several weeks since I posted anything but my holidays didn’t go exactly as planned and I spent 2 weeks in the hospital. Christmas Eve I had to go to the ER, which I absolutely hate to go to, for pain on the left side of my stomach. The Drs did their battery of tests and I got the news I was totally not expecting. “Your appendix is perforated and needs to come out. We are seeing if we can do it tonight but most likely it will be tomorrow morning”. So I spent Christmas morning getting my appendix out, was in the hospital a few days and then sent home. I figured I get through the new year and things will get better….Well, the day after New Years I was back in the place I absolutely hate, yep the ER again, but this time…

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