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I haven’t gone away but I won’t be blogging as much as I normally do due to the always hectic tax season in the U.S. I’ll be preparing taxes for people in lieu of blogging in Second Life. I don’t even think I have to tell you which I’d rather be doing but something has to support my shopping habit in SL the rest of the year! HAHA  I will blog what I can, here and there, until April 15th and after that I’ll be back full force. Hugs to you all ♥♥

D E T A I L S:
(fd) Sequin Party Dress
DOUX – Samantha Hairstyle
LaGyo_Grace Earrings @Tres Chic
LaGyo_Grace Necklace @Tres Chic
PLASTIX – Frostbite Jacket
Backdrop: MINIMAL – Noble Skybox

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