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Every woman loves her accessories.  They can add a certain flair to your outfit.  I found all these great accessories at the newest round of Designer Showcase.  This is their eight year anniversary round that runs from March 5 until the 28th of the month.  The designers involved brought out the best of the best that they could offer.

Alright back to my accessories.  Today I am wearing a great messy hair style called Chique from Jumo which I paired with Inti Raymi glasses by Haysuriza Eyewear.  These glasses have many different ways to customize the look.   I found some great black and white designed bento nails with a pop of gold called Lark from Livia.  These nails went so well with the Atlanta Rings from Kunglers.  Make sure you head over and grab all these amazing finds from this round of Designer Showcase.

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Time for a change

Calm down, twenty five
Was it a waste of time
All we did twice underlined
Same tracks on the ground
We’re spinning round and round
Oh, please, someone gets a car

We made our way across the land
We made our way across the town
We’re all about to explode

So (oh, oh, oh, oh) time for a change
Oh, oh, oh, oh, well
Can you feel it?

So (oh, oh, oh, oh), time for a change
Oh, oh, oh, oh well
Can you feel it?

Time for a change

Have fun shopping!