Morning By The Lake

Gem's Finds

I spent the morning at the lake working on my gardening. The onions are ready to harvest and they grew great in the little recycled containers I found for them.  My trusty spade and watering can were near as I continued to transplant some of the vast flowers around the birch trees.  Who knew those flowers would grow so well here.  All of the items in the picture can be found at the SL Home and Garden Expo that opened today.

The SL Home and Garden Expo is a Charity Event supporting Relay for Life In Second Life.  Many designers, bloggers and organizers dedicate their time towards this event.  It covers a whopping 11 sims.  The event opens today and runs until April 7th to give you plenty of time to check everything out.

Crates | Old World – Set of old crates with plant v1*(sim 1)

Spring Tree Set w/table…

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Oh, Claudia, don’t take it away, girl, if you leave me this way
I’m gonna search night and day to find your love
Oh Claudia, don’t take it this way
What kind of bad mistake is worth our saying goodbye?

The last time we vowed we would not part, my love
And so take heart, my love, don’t let it end this way
Remember the good things that we shared, my dear
And so take care, my dear, don’t throw our love away

Oh Claudia, girl don’t leave it this way, it’s gonna take both me and you
But we can see this thing through and save our love
Oh Claudia, don’t take it away, girl can’t you see it’s all wrong?
Till you come back where you belong, I need you babe


Have fun shopping!


Endless Pain Tattoos at Whore Couture Fair

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Endless Pain Tattoos at Whore Couture Fair

Hello everyone,

The Whore Couture Fair is going on til the end of the month and Endless Pain Tattoos has a must have tattoo for those moments when you just want to tell someone to kiss your ass. 😉 Kiss This 2.0 comes with tattoo layers, Omega, Belleza, Slink and Maitreya Appliers. The Kiss This is definitely the attention grabber but the details in the entire tattoo is fantastic from the wings on the back to the leg rosary, flowers and vines on the front and the text on the back of the leg that says Good Girls Go To Heaven, Back Girl Go Everywhere. Kiss This 2.0 is exclusive to WCF so when it ends on the 31st you won’t be able to find this anywhere. Luckily you still have plenty of time but don’t wait too long.

Happy Shopping ❤

Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos (Mae Jewell) Kiss…

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