Urgent Care Center

Gem's Finds

We live what is considered remote in RL.  I visit Urgent Cares often with my children.  I picked up this build out of sheer curiosity and I was impressed at the detail of The Urgent Care Center by DB Homes.  It is actually a fully furnished building consisting of 280 prims.  It includes the landscaping on the outside (except the grass pictured), a waiting room, an office, a pharmacy window, three exam rooms and an employee room.  It is a 100% original mesh build.  With a few extra furnishings it could be a fully functional unit.

I found some scrubs on market place and asked my friend Lady to come do a photo with me.  We used Reina Photography’s FR009 pose (with out the sheet) for our nurse photo.  We even had a photo bomber who need Urgent Care services or so he said lol.  Both the building and…

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