The Watering Hole

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I woke up one morning early to head down to the local watering hole to see if I could catch any wild life.  To my surprise two baby elephants were playing. This wonderful display is called The Peace Nature Scene by TM Creations and takes center stage.  It includes the baby elephants, rocks, flowers, wildgrass, wildflowers and bushes which you can unlink and use alone as well.  It has a land impact of 18 and is 100% original mesh.

In this scene I also used Flying Arts pull up a rock his and hers chairs.  Look closely behind the elephant on the left towards the palm tree.  Those rocks are actually chairs and I think it’s unique.  The pink/purple tree on the left is the Fantasy Spring Tree by Thus Magic while Cosmos Trellis Panel with Pink & Purple Climbers on the right is from Cosmos Boutique.  I placed all of…

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Spring Fling

Hello um
It’s nice to see you here, I was
Wondering if um
I can give you my number maybe
Oh your here for the summer
Oh that’s nice, maybe we can hang out sometime
I will give my number alright, we can hang out
This will be, this will be fun
Alright, goodbye

The bright sun and the blue water
We fight less and love harder
You tell me that I’m the one
I tell you it’s just for fun
We walk the beach at midnight
And watch the stars in the clear skies
We both say I love you
But it’s alright

Spring Fling

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