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This new delux dressing room was released in this months Builders Box by Raindale and is currently at the main store.  How plush is this set up.  From the decor shoes boxes and the rack of clothes to the lush velvety plush on the elegant couch.  I would love this in RL, but will settle for having it in SL.  The sofa has 18 solo animations and 12 couples (PG, friendly and romantic) animations!  It also has a great HUD that has 10 colours for the blanket and cushions.  The clothing rack and mannequin both come with a clothing option or a plain option.  Let this new set dress up your dressing area today.  P.S. I guess Builders Box decided to close it’s subscription services as of this writing.

Raindale | Bonclair Set (Clothes on rack, shoe boxes fill/unopened, couch, mannequin, mirrored screen)*

Photos | Bazar – Berlin Paintings 

Roses | 

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Mermaid Dream

Down to the sea we go
Down to a world I know
There’s never been
Not ever before
A child born of sea and shore

Down to the sea we go
Down to the world below
A journey to …
A princess to be
Under the sun, and under the sea..

Mermaid Dream

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