Fantasy Faire 2019

The Creative Concepts of Second Life

Hello Everyone,

One of my favorite things about Fantasy Faire has always been seeing the sim designs that are created just for this event. They are always very creative, unique and magical. I love just exploring all the sims because there is so much to see, you always find hidden gems and there is so many picturesque spots to grab a photo or two.

I took some pictures while I was visiting Fantasy Faire a couple days ago but you really need to check them out for yourself.

If you would like to know what sim your favorite stores are on you can visit the shopping guide I posted a couple days ago. 🙂

Fantasy Faire is going on now til May 5th!

Fantasy Faire 2019 is Open
Bayounimba Sponsored by Sweet Revolutions

Fantasy Faire 2019 is Open
Dept. of Discarded Curiosities Sponsored by Epic Toy Factory

Fantasy Faire 2019 is Open
Faireholm Sponsored by Jinx

Fantasy Faire 2019 is Open
Midas Sponsored by Fallen Gods Inc.

Fantasy Faire 2019 is Open
Nightshade Blossoms Sponsored…

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