Lost My Head For You

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Lost My Head For You

Hello Everyone,

When you open your heart to someone on SL you must be prepared for it to be irrevocably changed. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse but we should learn from our experiences. SL is a tremendous lesson in human nature, you see how people really are when they can hide behind a screen. There are those that treat SL like a “game” and then there are those who make it worth logging in. Cherish time with those that are genuine and don’t let the “players” ruin your SL experience, no one ever deserves that power.

I have seen too many people allow themselves to be dragged down by others and you shouldn’t let them. Those that are real, genuine will want the best for you and will be there to support and cheer you on. The rest? Delete, mute and do what makes YOU happy!


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My claim

No doubt, gonna lay my claim
You put in work and just wait
And let it all unfold
Straight from the soul

Now I stick to my goal always
Damn right, gotta lay my claim
Watch the whole world change
And let it all unfold
Straight from the soul
Gotta stick to my goal always

My claim

Have fun shopping!