Summer Vibes

Eh-oh, eh-oh, eh-oh bop bop away-o
Summer vibe, summer vibe

I’m looking for a summer vibe
Got me turning on the radio
I gotta kick these blues
Working all day
Trying to make pay
Wishing these clouds away
I want to feel the sunshine
Hit the sand
Take a walk in the waves
With nothing else to do
But sipping on suds
Working on a buzz
Keeping my drink in the shade
Taking my time

Summer Vibes
Hello lovelies!

A new round of Swank is upon us and there’s so many awesome creations!

Sonder made an amazing pool set, perfect for the summer afternoons!

Make sure you check Merak’s new awesome set with lil mermaid cupcakes- Who doesn’t need that?!  🙂

Have fun shopping!