Morning Ritual

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Morning Ritual

“Waking up early, connecting with nature, and having my
quiet time are priorities to me, and they are non-negotiable.”

~ Danette May

Best way to start the day!


mushilu (Eifee) Ancient Ruins
Comes with ruin walls & ivy (shown) and ruin circle & tree (not shown)

Myth (Shay McAuley) Greek Planter

 @ Midsummer Enchantment

LORE (lalitalamour) Witchy Online Indicator, Twiggy Triquetra and Rustic Wiccan Rede [link]

HILTED (childofpreservex) Rattus Familiar -Sword Brown [link]

Raindale (Keiralans) Meadowtwirl swing [link]

Today is the last day for Redeux and Midsummer Enchantment will close the 30th.

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Hidden Paradise

I thought I see it all
I thought I feel it all
I think I know it all
But why do I feel like I am fallin’
When I laid my eyes
You were hiding in the clouds
Can’t believe my sight
You were under this whole time
My heart is beatin’ fast
Everything falls in line
No way…, no way
Show the way
I don’t wanna wait for tomorrow
Blown away
I don’t wanna wait for tomorrow
Cause I never knew never knew
That I am in a paradise

Hidden Paradise

Hello lovelies!
Summer is here and with it, Summerfest!The Little Branch has the most amazing trees in SL and for this event a very special treat with palmtrees for all likes!
I mixed it with some of my favorite decor for a cozy hidden paradise just for you!
Have fun shopping!