Forbidden Fruit

Gem's Finds

I was wondering off away from the group into the jungle when I stumbled into a papaya grove.  I had overheard some of the guides talking about the grove earlier that morning and that it might be the cursed grove.  How could I tell if this was true if I did not wander into the grove to see for myself.  I reached for a papaya and as I brought one down from the tree I could tell this was not a cursed grove, but a story the locals told to keep tourist like me out of the grove.  Lucky for me it was a great papaya and it hit the spot.  The coloring of the fruit coordinated with my new suit from Sexy Princess named Tropical Summer which is currently at the Curves Event.

Suit | Sexy Princess – Tropical Summer*

Earrings | Gemini – Cleo Old Metal Set

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