To fly, one needs only to take the reins

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I have two new obsessions in SL lately and one is clothing from RKKN.  Since the time I started blogging (too many years ago) I’ve always gravitated towards casual everyday clothing and I have a few places that are my “go to” for just that.  I can now add RKKN to that list.  The clothing is easy to wear, simple and stylish.  My other new obsession is a bit larger and more of a sport.

I’m always looking for new things to try in SL and horseback riding is my new obsession. It’s so awe inspiring to me what can be done with Animesh and this horse from Water Horse is so realistic. I’m sure you’re laughing but maybe it’s because I’ve been in SL for quite awhile and I remember how things used to be. Animals used to be made up in pieces – a head, a body, feet…

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